Revengerz Mig33 Utilities 2010

Main Features:

* Duel Mode
* Guardian Mode
* Abuser Mode
* Bomb Like
* Account Checker Mode
* Password Changer Mode

Duel Mode:

* 10 IDs Set
* Room Spy
* Target List
* Loop, Delay
* Clone Login upto 100

Guardian Mode:

* Room Spy
* Auto Leave Group Chat
* Change Room Description
* Upto 100 Clone Id Login For Fast Band Kick Unband Etc.
* Sign in Invisible
* Select & Right Click List User - Kick, Ban/Unban, Add/Remove Moderator

# If Multy In Room, Just Click Get Room List Button And Press Ctrl Button Of Your Keybord And Select As Many IDs You Want And Right Click Your Mouse And Chose Any Option (Kick Band Unband Etc.)

Abuser Mode:

* Enter Leave Flood
* Delay, Loop
* Normal Flood
* Bom Pvt
* Call Error
* Fast Roll Flood

Bomb Like:

* Unlimited IDs Login
* Like Single Profile

#Mig Has Changed Rule ... That You Can Give 10 Likes At A Time, So If You Click One Time In Like Profile Now Button Then He Can Get 10 Likes. So If You Click 10 Time In That Button Then He Can Get 100 Likes, But Press This Button In Every 15 Seconds

Account Checker Mode:

* Unlimited IDs Login
* Password
* Status
* Mig Level
* Mobile Number

Password Changer Mode:

* Old Password
* New Password
* Status
* Unlimited IDs Login

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